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Date : 01/10/2018 - 31/10/2020 | Sector: Government

Department: Animal Husbandry

Scheme deliverable

Farmers with livestock provide livestock types such as PC-23, SSG, stylized, lucerne and African Tall, such as 75% subsidy.

  1. The animals are the buffalo, the cows, the sheep. Farmers have the right to take grass seeds.
    2pi C. 23, SSG, African Tall, Steele Hamata, Lucerne, etc. The seeds of 75% subsidy will be distributed.

Who is eligible:Who is Not eligible:

  1. Farmers with livestock farming are eligible for seed production.
  2. In order to provide livestock seeds, farmers have to hit own land or leased land or public places to increase agricultural land with animal farming..
  3. Cattle, buffalo, cows, sheep Farmers have the right to take grass seeds.
  4. Grass seeds should be provided by the farmers in the area. Own land or lease land.

Who is not deserving:

  1. No livestock farmers are eligible for the scheme.
  2. Owners of land / lease land and livestock are not eligible.

Documents required to apply

  1. Copy of Aadhar Card.
  2. Copy of the Pattadar passbook

Choice or rejection process

After collecting the non-subsidized part of the beneficiary eligible beneficiaries, the staff will be distributing cattle there.
The staff will receive a receipt in the seed distribution seed distribution registry and make the necessary entries such as Aadhaar No and Pattar Passut number.

  1. When the eligible farmers are paid a share, the grass seeds will be given.
  2. Grass seeds are given by the farmer’s signature in the relevant registrar.


The public


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How To Apply

Farmers who need grass grains should visit herds of cattle
The rivers must submit their landing documents or land details and aadhaar cards.