A District Collector often abbreviated to Collector, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in charge of revenue collection and administration of a district in India. The Collectorate play a pivotal role in the District administration. Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S heads the District. He/She acts as the District Magistrate for maintaining Law and Order in his jurisdiction. He/She deals mainly with planning and development, law and order, scheduled areas/agency areas, general elections, arms licensing etc.

The Joint Collector who also belongs to the I.A.S Cadre runs the Revenue administration under various enactments in the District. He/She is also designated as Additional District Magistrate. He/She mainly deals with civil supplies, land matters, mines and minerals, officers etc.

The District Revenue Officer (DRO) in the Cadre of Special Grade Deputy Collectors assists the Collector and Joint Collector in discharging their duties. The District Revenue Officer looks after all the branches of the Collectorate. He/She deals mainly with general administration and is vested with supervision of day-to-day functions of the Collectorate.

The administrative Officer in the rank of a Tahsildar is the general assistant to the Collector. He/She directly supervises all the sections in the Collectorate and most of the files are routed through him.

The Collectorate is divided into 9 sections as per the administrative reforms taken up by the Government of Telangana. An alphabet letter is given to each section for easy reference.

    Section A

      Deals with Establishment of Tahsildars/Dy.Tahsildars/Sr.Assts,- Transfers and Postings-Sanction of leaves-Performance Indicators.

      1. Establishment of Jr.Asst.,/Typists/VROs/ & Lower cadre transfers & Postings.
      2. Compassionate appointments-Displaced persons Employment.
      3. Office Procedure- File disposal-Maintenance of Attendance-Turn duty-Leaves Account.
      4. Disiplinary cases of all Revenue employees
      5. Propert Statements
      6. Maintenance of collectorate Records Room
      7. Maintenance of Computers

    Section B

      Deals with Preparation of Pay bills.

      1. Fixation of pensions & Gratuity
      2. GPF,LIF,GIS Loans & Advances
      3. Budget-Reconcillation-Number Statment.
      4. Medical Reimbursement-LTC-Income Tax.
      5. Accounts And Cash Book
      6. Audit & Audit Paras.

    Section C

      Deals with Law & Order.

      1. Atrocities againest S.Cs/S.Ts & POA/PCR Act.
      2. Cinematography Act.
      3. Christian Marriage Licenses.
      4. Freedom Fighters Pension-SSSP
      5. Verification of cast Certificates.
      6. Verification of Character & Antecedents
      7. District level Screening Committee
      8. Governaments Exams
      9. Law Officers
      10. State Functions
      11. Elections-Photo Electorol Roll
      12. Arms Act
      13. Petroleum Product Act
      14. Explosives Act
      15. Mines & Minarals

    Section D

      Deals with Village Accounts.

      1. Jama bandi.
      2. Record Of Rights & ROR Appeals
      3. Irrigation (Major & Minor)
      4. Water Users
      5. Suicidal Deaths.
      6. Prime Ministers Relief
      7. Land Revenue
      8. NALA Collections
      9. Revenue Recovery Act
      10. Apath Bandhu
      11. Gruha Raksha-Housing Collapses
      12. Sessonal Conditions
      13. Natural Calamities & Relief
      14. Drinking Water
      15. Help Line
      16. Mee Seva-LRMIS-FMS-Computerization of Land Records

    Section E

      Deals with Assignment of Govt Land.

      1. Alienation of Govt Land
      2. Transfer of Govt. Lands.
      3. Land Encroachment
      4. Koneru Rangarao Committee
      5. Evacuee Property

    Section F

      Deals with Tenancy & Inam Appeals.

      1. Endowmwnts & Dist.Gazetts
      2. Grant-in-Aid for Masjids and Eedgas
      3. Muncipalities
      4. Stamps and Registration Act.
      5. Cencus.
      6. Suits

    Section G

      Deals with General Land Acquisition.

      1. Land Acquisition for House Sites

    Section H

      Deals with Visits of VIPs.

      1. Protocol
      2. Govt.Vehicles and Govt.Buildings.
      3. Chief Ministers Relief Fund.

    GB Cell:H3 

      1. Prajavani Grevances