Women and Child Welfare


The Department renders services for Women and Children.  The Services are rendering through 5 (five) ICDS Projects- ICDS-Charminar (U), ICDS-Khairtabad (U), ICDS-Golconda (U), ICDS-Nampally (U) and ICDS- Secunderabad, and (9) Institutions i.e., Sishuvihar, Children Homes for SC girls, Home for Collegiate Girls, Working Women’s Hostel, State Home, Service Home, Rescue Home and Home for the Aged.

Arogyalaxmi or One Full Meal Programme:

As per the G.O. Ms.No.12 of WCD&SC Dept, dt.26-11-2014, the Govt. of Telangana has launched “One Full Meal Programme” in all ICDS Projects in order to improve the Nutritional Status of Women & Children.

Aarogya Laxmi or One Full Meal Programme is being implemented in Hyderabad District from 01-01-2015.  Under the SNP Programme the Pregnant women, Lactating mothers and 3 to 6 years children are being provided with Supplementary Nutrition. 8281 pregnant and 6761 nursing mothers are provided one full meal spot-feeding with Rice -150 grms, Daal – 30 grms, Oil – 16 grms, Milk – 200ml, Vegetables – 50 grms per day and 30 eggs per month for an amount of Rs.21/- per day per beneficiary.

Hot Cooked Meal :-15769 Children of 3yrs to 6yrs covered are provided spot-feeding with Rice -75 grms, Daal-15 grms, Oil- 5 grms, Vegetables – 25 grms and Murukulu 20 grms per day per beneficiary and 30 eggs for each beneficiary for one month for an amount of Rs.7.26/- per day per beneficiary.

In Hyderabad District MANNA Trust is providing Hot Cooked Meal to all the AWCs.

Balamrutham: 57158 number of 7 months to 3 years children are provided with Balamrutham of 2 ½ Kg packet and 16 eggs per month per beneficiary at the AWCs.

Departmental institutions:

Children Homes SC I & SC – II : –There are two children homes located at Hyderabad with sanctioned strength 60 (each Home i.e., C.H. SC- I – 60 & Ch. SC-II – 60, Total 120 inmates) poor, orphan and semi-orphan girl children are provided with food and education. 6-18yr girls are provided necessary support for their stay and education upto 10th At present strength is 60 for each home.

State Home: –There is one State home is running since 1961 with allotted strength of 50 women who are economically poor, destitute women are providing food with an amount of Rs.2000/- (Diet charges) per month for each inmate and cosmetic charges @ 75/- per month for each inmate. The Home is meant for women who are discharged from correctional institutions. The inmates will stay for 3-5 years. This home serves for the women in the age group of 18-35 yrs.  Vocational Trainings in tailoring, Beautician, embroidery etc are provided to these women during their stay. At present strength is 45.

(c )    Service Home:- There is one Service Home is running in Hyderabad District with allotted strength of 285 women who are economically poor, destitute women are providing food with an amount of Rs.2000/- (Diet charges) per month for each inmate and cosmetic charges @ 75/- per month for each inmate. The students, who were given admission in three year diploma courses at DurgaBaiDeshmukh Women’s Technical Training Institute (WTTI), will be admitted in Service Home, Hyderabad to pursue their studies. At present strength is 185.

Home for Collegiate Girls: –There is one Home for Collegiate Girls at Hyderabad with sanctioned strength of 50.The inmates of children homes who have passed 10th class are admitted in to this institution. The maximum period of the stay is 5 years or till the completion of graduation. The permissible age group of the inmates is 15-25 years. At present strength is 45.

Working Women’s Hostel: –Those women who earn a monthly income of less than Rs.5, 000/- are eligible for admission in to this hostel on payment of nominal charges. At present strength is 50. There is one Working Women’s Hostel running in Hyderabad district and it has been handed over to Coorporation.

Rescue Home: – There is one Rescue Home in Hyderabad district. The women rescued and who are convicted, remanded by courts are given food, clothing and shelter and also trained in vocational courses.

Shishuvihaar: – The main objective of Shishvihaar is to take care of neglected and abandoned infants / children and provided with shelter, food, medical and different facilities for their survival. Present 222children are admitted in Sishuvihaar.

Home for Aged:- This home is presently running by Kasturiba trust, Hyderabad.

DV Act:- Under this act the Project Director, appointed by PW&CW &DV has given the Additional Charges of Protection Officer under D.V. Act. Section (9) of the D.V. Act enumerates the duties and functions of the Protection officer.

 Details of the Staff working under Protection Officer (1) Legal Counsellor (1) Social Counsellor (1) Data Entry Operator (2) Home Guards. Protection Officer will take complaints from victims and file a Domestic incident report (DIR) and conducting enquiry and submit the DIR to judicial magistrates of the concerned jurisdiction for further orders as prayed by the victims.


This centre mainly emphasises on giving the various services at one shelter for the victims of Atrocities and the victims of Domestic Violence.  The centre mainly aims at providing services of one shelter so that, the victims who are in Trauma not be secondary victimize in process of registering the complaints.

The services provided through this centre; (1) Medical (2) Legal (3) Police (4) Social counseling and provide economic relief as per the guidelines of the State Govt.

Integrated Child Protection Services (ICPS):- The District Child Protection unit is started and functioning from August, 2011. DCPU rescues the children from Child Labour, Missing Children, Runaway, Relinquished abandoned, Child Marriages and neglected children and to handedover children to their parents and admitted in Children Homes, KGBVs, Welfare Hostels, Juvenile Homes etc., In this year DCPU rescued 306 children from different areas under Operation Smile and Operation Muskan programme and there are 51 Child marriages were stopped.

Child Care Institutions: – Out of 9 NGOs for registration 8 registrations were completed.