Places of Interest

Senior Citizens

Chilkur Balaji

Divine experiences constitute an important part of life for aged people in our society who look forward to spend much of their time in a completely blissful environment, replete with spiritual and divine chants. The state of Telangana is known for its range of temples. Each and every district of Telangana comprise of famous temples that draw pilgrims from all regions. Balkampet Yellama Temple, Birla Mandir, Chilkur Balaji,Peddamma temple and other temples are famous in Hyderabad.  Hyderabad city have parks that are frequented by senior citizens.

Places like Ramakrishna Math, Iskcon temple and other spiritual centers which dot Hyderabad’s landscape are quite popular with the elderly. There are other places of solace in Hyderabad where senior citizens can relax and spend their time.

Young generation

For youngsters, many places in Hyderabad offer new vistas for a nice sojourn and entertainment. They can choose pristine Ananthagiri hills near Vikarabad. Various malls, shopping complex, technology-based industries and some of the river adventure activities, trekking at Bhongir are few activities, which attract youth. Durgam Cheruvu and other trekking destinations close to Hyderabad is thronged by youngsters.

Ananthagiri hills

Hyderabad is one of the premier destinations in India in the field of agriculture, biotechnology, information technology, Pharma, medicine, defense industries, etc. Tech-savvy students and individuals consider Hyderabad a treat to gain more knowledge and exposure to world-class research institutions and internationally recognized institutions. The presence of IIIT, Indian School of Business and other key institutes of national and international repute have contributed to making Hyderabad as a hub of education for youngsters.

The numerous sports academies, overseas consultancies, spiritual centers, fitness clubs, film-training institutes, culture and theater groups all make Hyderabad, a place to live and cherish the value of life. The luxury resorts, farmhouses and the close by rural hinterlands are increasingly being chosen by young people to de-stress and have fun during weekends.


Corporates can choose a host of resorts, natural water bodies, convention centers like Shilparamam in Hyderabad, Launch on Hussain Sagar lake and many parks in Hyderabad and rest of Telangana for balancing work ‘n’ fun.

Durgam Cheruvu

The salubrious climate of Hyderabad has attracted national and international professionals in the city. Many surveys have pointed out the highest living standards coupled with affordable costs in Hyderabad. The proposed ITIR region, the popular IT district of Madhapur and Business district of Gachibowli are today the workhorses of the global information technology industry. The numerous educational and research institutes in and around Hyderabad and the adjacent Ranga Reddy district contributes for an immense talent pool that is readily absorbed by the hi-end industries and multinational companies. As a cosmopolitan city, Hyderabad has people from diverse ethnicities and cultures. It is also a home for a multi-religious, multicultural and multilingual society. Apart from diverse knowledge pool, this also contributes to a peaceful and varied society. Hyderabad continues to be a favorite destination for corporates. Firms of international reputation such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook and scores of other companies have their key R&D set-ups in the city. The city is home to exuberant and healthy corporate lifestyle and this has a positive effect on the city by contributing more revenues and ushering a metropolitan experience for tourists and residents of the city.


 rock claming

Hyderabad has endless destinations for those seeking adventure. Enjoy speedboat in Hussain Sagar Lake. There are many rock climbing clubs in and around Hyderabad that offers you an exciting fun and thrilling experience with boulders and natural settings in city offering spectacular activities. Hussain Sagar Lake is home to sailing clubs. The annual regatta here is very popular with tourists and people of this city.  The flora and fauna around Hyderabad is a potential gold mine for biology researchers since the Deccan plateau is quite popular for its unique natural beauty.


Lumbini park

For young children, Hyderabad offers numerous places like Salarjung Museum, Nehru Zoological Park, Golconda, Lumbini Park, NTR gardens and host of other places where kids can spend quality time. Nehru Zoological Park is one place which many school children from the Telangana region visit right from their school days. This not only gives them the right exposure towards animal conservation from an early age but it is also an experience that can cherish in their life where fun combines with excitement… Lumbini Park, Hussain Sagar Lake, and Birla Mandir form one unique hub for children where they experience divinity from a young age. For kids in the city, a weekend is never complete without a visit to Lumbini Park where the musical foundation and the various game avenues for children are the prime attractions. The places of spiritual solace in Hyderabad such as Rama Krishna Mutt have played an important role in shaping the destinies of the younger generation. Personality development sessions and other intellectual development activities at the place have helped in molding the minds of kids. Many gaming centers in the city have become a leisure hub for children during weekends. Hyderabad is home to dance and music experts where children get training from a budding stage. To describe in few words, Hyderabad is a place of rich cultural leanings.